Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Oldest Old A Look At Centenarian.

When we hear ´about " Centenarians " we always have different perceptions virtually: How did they become aging? How do they got that longevity in those years?

Life expectancy in the Unite States has increased from 49 years, at the start of this century to 76 years.

Stay active - Physically and Mentally.
Do not react to stress with excessive worry.

SOMETHING that really SURPRISED  ME about "Oldest Old" is that they don´t have a BALANCE diet, some of them have a highest calor intact.

I do not undesrtand how they can survive on diet that is high in fat, and drinking alcohol, but others are FINICKY with everything they put in their mouth.

I won´t want to live 100 or over, because most of CENTENARIANS have had many LOSSES, and I do not want to see family members and close peers dying.

I´m not a Centenarian but I think you have to Eat Well, Move Often; Keep UP with Your HOBBIES, Read and LOVE LIFE..

I Took From Google.

                                      Ramona Quezada

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